super snacks for kids

super snacks for kids

super snacks for kids

Snacks are a big part of a child’s day. From a quick snack on the way to school, or a one-bite lunch when they get home, they’re always a reliable, small and easy to eat treat. And the type of snack that your child choses has a big impact on how they feel – either leaving them energised or sluggish. So, read on to make sure your kids get the perfect snack for their daily schedule.

Here are some healthy snack tips:

Snacks Need Nutrition
Instead of something nutritious, snacks are notorious for offering kids nothing but calories and sugar. To change this, encourage your kids to eat vegetables or fruit, and slices of cucumber or carrot sticks with a bit of hummus. Teach them to reach for a healthy handful of energy instead of reaching for things like chocolate and chips.

Make it Interesting!
Offer your kids a combination of vibrant, vitamin-rich fruit. Every fruit has its own unique look and flavour, and your child is bound to enjoy at least one. Slice up a selection like pineapple, strawberry, pawpaw, banana and kiwi, put it on a plate and let them choose the flavours they like from a rainbow of healthy snacks.

Don’t Ignore The Dairy
For kids to grow into strong and healthy human beings, they need all the calcium they can get. So try to introduce milk, yogurt or cheese into their diet to make sure their calcium intake is increased. You can cut up a few blocks of cheese for your kids to snack on or give them a small portion of yogurt along with some cut up fruit.

Go for Nuts
Nuts are packed with nutrients and there is very little preparation needed for your kids to enjoy them. They’re a much healthier option to fried chips. Nuts come in a variety of shapes and tastes so try a few out on your kids and see what they like.

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